Shanghai YUNGU Furniture Co., Ltd. has an antique furniture showroom of 3000 sqm and a factory of 3000 sqm in Shanghai Minhang. We have thousands of furniture for your selection such as antique, neo-classical series furniture, antique windows and carving panels, yeared-elm floor, antique lights, curios and accessories. Our business includes producing antique furniture and antique decoration service for hotels, restaurants and villas. Our international business department provides with antique furniture export service. We have a team of professional antique furniture designers who measure and design for free. Our rental department offers leasing of antique furniture. The furniture is guaranteed for ten years and you can also exchange for other furniture with the equal-value(excluding specific furniture), on condition that the furniture you exchage is without any damage.  

D1 Series: >Chinese Antique Furniture
Chinese Furniture from Ming and Qing Dynasty,A wide variety such as Antique wardrobe,Small Cabinet, Table, Chair,Trunk,Bed, Accessory from old Elm wood collections are available for your purchasing...

D2 Series: >Chinese Reproduction Furniture
We specialize in Ming and Qing style furniture ,lacquer inlaid furniture,, and old elm furniture. Chinese antique furniture are sought by more and more people all over the world ,and its use of elegant brass hardware fittings is one of the features which makes it more popular. Moreover our furniture designs are timeless, aesthetics, function, strong, safety .At the same time.we also welcome the customized furniture .

D3 Series: >Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor furniture , a new style which embodies a leisure and relaxed life.New home owners will enter a beauty arcadian life and forget the troubles from the interior decoration when they select outdoor furniture , Outdoor furniture this year are more variety, more fun.

D4 Series: >Windows,Panel And Screens
Screen is usually furnished in a prominent position indoor,showing play-separated, landscaping, wind and co-ordination function,it’s a perfect combination when the screen furnished together with classic furniture. And showing the beauty of a harmonious and serene beauty.

D5 Series: >Lighting And Lamps
Lamps as its beautiful shape, color, design and artistic effects ,integrate the interior decoration into a unity, and make family life peaceful and comfortable.

D6 Series: >Stone Sculpture
The Cultural and historical of stone carving dates back to ancient times, it is the art of the perfect combination of creative thinking and embodies. In this long history, the stone carving art has been created to update the progress. Different periods, stone carvings have changed a lot in the style of type and style; different needs, different aesthetic, different social environment and social systems restrict the development of stone carving creation. History of stone carving is art history as well as rich cultural history and also vivid and real image of the history of mankind.

D7 Series: >Tibetan And Painted Furniture
Tibet,Mongolia furniture ,because of their unique style and shape, on the modern home, it will produce a special effect, and will constitute a landscape with modern appliances and soft decorative . And the blunt colors and patterns, bring the city life Spirits stimulus.

D8 Series: >Furniture Accessories
Fabric is one of the most important element to create a warm and comfortable space, home furnishings. Classification method of fabric there are many, the most important thing is where and what to do, and therefore the fabric is generally in accordance with the use of functional materials and space categories.we will find the most suitable for you.

D9 Series: >Special offer
You will find the newest product or sales promotion products.

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