China style goes global
Chinese style is most often associated with ornate carving,complex patterns and a searing palette of rich reds and glitzy golds.But what is overlooked is that there is a deep-rooted modernity inherent in Chinese design-an age-old classicism with a sense of balance ,order and harmony that appeals to the most modern of minimalists.
With the current global preoccupation with Asian style-from food to interior design to philosophy- it was only a matter of time before attention came to rest on the Chinese aesthetic .Since the opening up of post-Cultural Revolution China in the late 1970s,the country has changed beyond measure.Today ,21st-century China is firmly focused on the race to become a major world palyer and ,in architectural terms,much has been - and is being - destroyed.Traditional dwellings are being replaced with gleaming banks of skyscrapers,but within this cacophony of change, there is a growing band of designers who prefer to look to their boots to find valid decorative directions for the future.
Such designers,many of whom have studied overseas,are blending an international outlook with a pride in their Chinese heritage to produce a new vocabulary of design.Tending to steer away from the ornate ,opulent approach,they are basing their ideas on a new kind of Chinese-influenced modernism ,which incorporates balanced lines,natural textures and muted colours.