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Decorative cabinet hinges are an important part of the cabinet hardware selection process. Replacing cabinet door hinges can be a tricky undertaking. Aside from the various manufacturers and finishes, come in several styles. They can give personality to your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets or make a perfect compliment to your cabinet knobs and pulls.
As a distributor of a large selection of decorative cabinet hardware including cabinet hinges, cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, drawer slides, cabinet handles, cabinet pins, cabinet hand forged irons.
We feature many cabinet hinges and hinge types including overlay hinges, inset hinges, concealed hinges, wrap hinges, variable overlay hinges, semi-concealed hinges and more in finishes that compliment a wide variety of cabinetry styles and decor.
Overlay is the distance that your cabinet door extends past the actual cabinet opening on the hinge side. Open the door and measure from the mark you made to the edge of the face frame (the cabinet opening) and that is your overlay.
To measure this, with the door closed, make a mark on the cabinet frame along the edge of the door (on the hinge side).
Inset means that the cabinet door is actually recessed into the cabinet opening. If the front of your cabinet door is flush with the outside of the cabinet face frame when the door is closed (meaning you can see a crack all the way around the cabinet door between the door and the frame). If it is partially inset, the recess distance must be measured accurately to determine size needed (3/8“ inset is a common partial inset hinge). To determine this dimension, measure the inside step of the recess cut (the part of the door that would extend into the cabinet opening when the door is closed). you have a full inset hinge.
Concealed hinges are not visible when the cabinet door is closed. They can be European style cup hinges  or knife hinges ; although knife hinges do leave a visible slot on the edge of the door.
A wrap hinge simply wraps around the cabinet frame from the front to the edge and sometimes partially around the back of the frame. Like the closing styles, this feature has nothing to do with whether the hinges are concealed or non-concealed, overlay or inset.
Semi-concealed hinges are partially visible when the cabinet door is closed. If they are not visible, then the style is wrap, meaning it wraps around the frame and screws to the edge of the frame. The hinge pin is what is visible and on some styles, the screws that mount the hinge to the cabinet frame are visible as well.
Cabinet Hardware can easily change the overall look of a room. Updated Knobs, handles and pulls dramatically improve the appearance of cabinets. We have scouted out the best in quality and variety.