Furniture finishing

With the greater appreciation of decoration by more people has come the realization that interior wood trim constitutes the furniture of the picture, so to speak. You finish woodworking to enhance or alter the natural beauty of the wood, and to protect the wood from damage by moisture and handling. Consequently the selection of color and texture of the finish for wood trim is being done with the same care that is exercised by the artist who chooses furniture for his painting.


Shellac is a genuine organic product and can be used as a sealer, a polish, a binder for fillers. Shellac has many of the great performance characteristics of today synthetic clear finishes: All-Natural, non-toxic, easy to use. It is classic finish for wood trim, paneling and furniture and great protective sealer for crafts and household projects. Shellac can be used for a good effect: shellac is user-friendly and virtually goof-proof. It can be applied with a brush, pad, sprayer, or wiping cloth.


Shellac based finishes after producing a good finish to the bare surface by sanding etc. It dries lightning fast - can be recoated in under 45 minutes, especially does not darken or yellow with age. It is easy clean up with alcohol or ammonia and water. When dry use a piece of Silicon Carbide sanding paper about 320 grit which has been dipped in Oil or Wax the choice will depend on your planned final finish. In an age of fast-drying products, few finishes dry as fast as shellac. Shellac flakes are usually mixed with a spirit based product to produce substance that dries very quickly and leaves a very hard surface coating


Raw lacquer is cutting natural fluid juice that comes down from the lacquer tree. It is the famous specialty of our country. It possesses ‘Monarch of paint’ good reputation. Painting the film has well electricity dielectric attribute and specified performance protecting against radiation. Its painting film is flexible, solid, bright, waterproof, and anti-acid and heat resisting. It will be very excellent when paint is fixed with polyester. It is becoming very popular for its easy to construct.


There are several of colors paint, several of transparent paint such as brown, jujube and golden etc, and several of transparent flash paints  A quality finish must offer acceptable performance and also meet the project's aesthetic requirements.