Carpet Cleaning Guide

Carpet and Rug Cleaning Tips

So your kid whipped out the permanent marker on your carpet? Did you spill some paint or food on your favorite rug? These things tend to make the calmest person get a little anxious and worried! We have assembled some basic tips to hopefully give you some relief and cleaner carpets too.
What type of stain do you have?
Different cleaners can be better on different types of stains. Pet stains for example have specific remedies and cleaners that are more effective that general use products. Search the Internet for a cleaner to match the stain or soiling you have.
Clean up the bulk if you have a bulky stain
Vomit, food, pet poops and other bulky stains or messes require cleaning up the bulk before applying a spray type or other cleaner. Get a large spoon from the kitchen and a bowl, then scoop up as much as you can before whipping out that spray cleaner...
Have your carpets and rugs regularly cleaned
It鈥檚 a good idea to have your carpets and area rugs professionally cleaned about once a year or so. Most of the time a protectant is applied after the carpets are cleaned. This will make stains come out better when they occur.
Use common sense
Don鈥檛 let your messy kids eat on the floor in front of the TV on the carpet! Keep colored juices away from carpets. Beer is OK and should be allowed in any room of the house. Just kidding! Be careful with all beverages, keep open cups and glasses out of the way when throwing around balls or remote controls.
When getting new carpet installed
Spend the extra money on a protectant to guard against stains. Spend a little now to protect your investment!