Sofa and Sofa Sleeper Furniture Buying Guide
Sofa’s and Sofa Sleepers
Everyone needs a sofa! With such a variety of sofa’s, sofa sleepers and sectional sofas there is much information to consider when looking to purchase.
What to look for
Style and fabric are important factors, but overall you want COMFORT! Unless of course this is the set in your formal living room and you are going to put those lame plastic covers like granny did. Ok please don’t do that! Use your furniture, it’s not just for looks. Make sure you are matching your existing decor and colors. If you find a fabric you really like, remember you can always match some decor with decorative pillows.
Frame types
Again you get what you pay for. Cheaper sets will have a soft wood frame like pine. The deck, or seat platform can be either a "no sag" or sinuous wire zigzag type, or the nicer more expensive "eight way hand tied" platform provides the ultimate in comfort and quality.
Name Brand Sofa’s?
Quality is more important than the name. Soft rugged fabrics and quality frames will go a long way.
Buy an expensive one or a cheapie?
There are 2 ways to look at this. If you have heavy use on your sofa sets and have kids, go for a cheapie that is comfortable. It’s going to get beat to hell anyways right? If you get a nice set and have heavy use, you will always have to be careful with it. Get a sofa with darker colors to hide stains and consider easier to clean fabrics like microfiber.
BUT, there is nothing like a high end sofa with nice wood carvings and super plush cushions. Just tell the kids to stay off it or be respectful and you will be ok. Keep a large paddle under the sofa.
Sofa Sectionals
There is no better way to get the most seating in your area than a sofa sectional. Be careful though, sectionals can take up a ton of room, so measure carefully before purchasing. A good source for a list of furniture resources is Furniture Today.