Choosing Storage Cabinets
Storage cabinets are used for storing office supplies, and archiving files, and media. They are typically made of either metal or wood, the latter being the more expensive choice.
Storage cabinets made of wood can blend in very well with office furniture and can be custom designed. Most wood cabinets do not make a lot of noise when opening or closing. The disadvantage of wood-based cabinets is that they can cost significantly more than cabinets made of metal.
Metal storage cabinets are more affordable than wood-based cabinets, but can be noisy to open and often don鈥檛 blend in well with office furniture. They are often lighter than wood and therefore more portable as well.
Whatever you choose for storage or filing, have the ability to lock the cabinets and ensure that they have safety features such as only opening on top if the bottom is already open to prevent toppling. Most cabinets allow you to store hanging folders as well as insert stackable items.