Just like any other appliance in the home or offic
Just like any other appliance in the home or office, your office furniture especially wood tables/desks, and cabinet storage furniture must be taken care of. This way you save on cost of buying new office furniture, plus you provide the incredible aesthetic appeal of your wood office furniture.
This proves the suggestion that ergonomic office furniture like a chair can benefit employees who experience back or body pain while sitting at work. The same applies to a person who works full-time or part-time at home. It does not matter where you work, but what aids you, or what furniture you use in your job. The problem remains when you choose a wrong chair: health problems due to sitting without support. Remember that a human body is not designed to sit in one place in that position for a very long period of time.
However, you can stay strain-free while sitting and working in front of the computer. Just follow the tips on the healthy way to sit:
 The keyboard must be below the work surface and tilted slightly downward, so the wrists are positioned naturally in a straight alignment.
 The elbows should be angled at 90-degrees or greater. Any position below the recommended elbow angle can cause discomfort after a few hours.
 The top of the computer screen should be angled or tilted to meet the eye (eye-level position) when you look at the computer monitor straight ahead.
 Feet should be flat on the floor or on a footrest if they don’t reach. This prompts balance and even body circulation.
 The seat height should put thighs parallel to the floor. Make sure the knees are level with or slightly below the hips. In case you will be receiving phone calls while typing, then you will need a headset for that. It stresses body faster like no other when you sandwich the phone between the head and the shoulder.
Investing in a good ergonomic chair and observing the healthy way to sit are your most precious weapons in preventing stress and injury to invade the office – especially when you want your home-office environment completely comfortable like home.