Wood Furniture
AntiqueOccasionally use a cloth just barely dampened with solvent-based cleaning wax to wipe the surface to pick up more dust, and immediately wipe with a dry cloth or soft paper towel. Do not use spray waxes and polishes on surfaces as they will leave a higher gloss and some silicone which may make future refinishing more difficult.
Wood Furniture - NewUse a wood care solution to clean all surfaces of the furniture. Apply polish or wax, same color as the finish, and buff with a soft cloth for a perfect finish.
CeramicsPottery should be cleaned with a damp cloth, and terracotta should be cleaned with a minimum amount of water and dried immediately. Gentle dusting may be the best way to keep terracotta clean. Procelain can be safely cleaned with mild soap and warm water.
HardstonesHardstones can be washed with mild soap and warm water. Be sure to rinse throughly and use a soft cloth for drying. It is important not to left object soaking for too long.
Ivory SubstancesThe best tool to use for cleaning ivory substances is a soft brush, although mild soap and warm water may be used to remove surface dirt, assuming the object is in excellent condition. Object then should be dried immediaely to prevent warping and cracking.
LacquerLacquer wares may be cleaned by wiping the object with a soft lint-free cloth. Small amount of lemon oil is allowed, but never use wax or detergent on lacquer wares.
MetalwaresGold and silver are the only metalwares required to be cleaned and always use fine quality polish.