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Here we can save you time and money when you're searching for that special piece of furniture. There's no need to waste those precious hours on the weekend trudging from one furniture shop to the next looking for that perfect piece.
The following is to introduce and familiarize you to our product
We would like to answer any questions that you might ask,
and following some answers you may want to know.
1.Are you a furniture manufacturer in China ?
Yes ,we are.
Our factory set up in 2001 and company formally established in 2003.by years of experience,we come to have gradually our unique style furniture.At the same time,we also do ODM&OEM service to our customers.

2.Trying to find something that will work with furniture you already have?
We specialise in creating furniture to match not just blend in with your existing pieces.Once you contact us by phone or by email, we can start designing your furniture, the first step in our easy process that will result in a beautiful, functional item of handcrafted furniture.

3.Does it works to negotiate business without face to face?
While we love meeting clients face to face, we can successfully manage the process via email,phone,msn,skype etc. You can describe what you're wanting and send us photos of where your piece is to fit in your home; we will email you our design concept and drawings, and keep you informed about progress. What an exciting moment it will be when you see your special piece for the first time.

4.How long of the production cycle time?
While it takes time to design and to custom-make your piece of furniture, the final product is worth waiting for a unique item made just for you to meet your requirements.Our business specialises in creating traditional, classical and contemporary furniture from recycled Elm wood timbers, which is highly resistant to rot ,decay and insect damage.The age of these durable native timbers produces a depth of color to your furniture that cannot be achieved from other timbers.

5.Can we know the way to produce your furniture?
We use only traditional joinery techniques mortise and tennon joins and dove-tailing of all drawers. Not a staple gun in sight!All pieces are finished with an oil-based polyurethane stain to highlight the natural beauty of the native timbers. This makes for a child-friendly, durable finish that needs only a wipe over to maintain its beauty. No need for waxing!

6.What's the useful time of your furniture?
You will be surprised how affordable handmade furniture is, especially when you get exactly what you want. And the toughness of the timber and the traditional, handcrafted methods we use mean you wonĄŻt have to replace it in a few years. Each piece has the potential to become a much loved family heirloom, lasting for many generations to come.
What a magnificent, loving investment to be enjoyed and valued by your family.We have sent many pieces of furniture to clients all over the world. Our reputable furniture transporters will deliver your furniture safely, whether locally or interstate.

7.How long will it take from order to the shipment?
This process can take up to seven days for it to leave our shop. We use the time to inspect the pieces and do any touch ups that may be necessary in order to provide you with an excellently crafted product.

8.Which sea port are you going to use?
The sea port we are going to use is Shanghai. It is the biggest port is China,and near our factory.

9.What kinds of pricing are available?
FOB Shanghai is the price can be offered, and CIF price is available as customers demands.

10.What kind of wood is being used?
According to the requirements of customers, normally we use elm wood.

11.What are the conditions of a quote?
Per the requirements of customer, we can provide either FOB or Ex-factory price.

12.How long will an order take from start to finish?
It will depend on how big is the order and our work load, normally it will take 4-8 weeks, since the deposit is received.

13.Is there a warranty?
(1) One year protection against product defects.
(2) Lifetime consultation on any issues that may arise.
14.Whats involved in the furniture making process?
(1)Refined timber:
The timber is boiled for 12 hours, then fumigation for 15 days and dried for 60 days in drying room so its resistant to borers, rotting and cracking.
(2)Wood Craft:
We employ carpenter with a traditional folk arts and crafts and specializes in traditional assembly without screws and nails, making use of a special adhesive that provides a strong sturdy product.
(3)Sculpture craft:
We offer computer and manual carving .computer most used in public places such as hotel and restaurant with artificial wood panel carved with flower board, and the sculpture of classic home furniture and reproduction door and window are all hand carved . Most engravers come from Zhejiang and Anhui province.
(4)Painting craft :
We have two teams ,one is composed of traditional Chinese painting and collaborate-style painting artists, and another is professional teacher of Chinese folk art painting composition, complement each other, all painted by hand from masters.
(5)Paint Process:
We adopt raw lacquer craft which used in ancient tradition furniture, and the paint is environment protection and plump color and luster. Modern craft we all use Bauhinia and Taiho Paint, and Taiho Paint is State Environmental Protection Inspection-free Product.
(6)Accessories Process:
Our furniture accessories also retain the ancient use of brass or copper-nickel alloy production process, each one is hand made by our coppersmith.

15.Can we rent your furniture for some time ?
There are two ways to rent furniture.
(1)Survival furniture: We will provide basic furniture to the customers home, so that the customers can start new life comfortably without staying at hotels. The service is handy after shipping out furniture to the next destination.
(2)Long term lease: Customers can choose furniture from our shop, warehouse or catalogues. Customers have option to buy the leased items for very small prices, as long as the customers corporation allows to do so. Customers will enjoy more choices than survival furniture. The best thing is we will pick up all the leased items with just a phone call. This will minimize the troubles of disposing furniture and appliances when customers are leaving China.

16.Chinese furniture production process?
How It Works

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